Monday, January 24, 2011

Do what's Natural!

I Whip my hair back and forth!

Last year my 7 yr old (now 8yrs old) asked me when she could relax her hair. I looked at her shocked she was even asking me that question! I thought she loved her hair. It's thick and soft and glorious! "Why do you want to relax your hair? It's gorgeous baby!" was my reply. She responded with out blinking, "Mommy your hair is relaxed". My mouth opened but nothing came out. She was hair was relaxed. I felt like a hypocrite.  How can I raise a natural if I am not a natural. I realized then and there no matter how often I tell her that her hair is beautiful in it's natural state, every time I put the creamy crack in my own I tell her maybe it's to practice what I preach I am starting the journey back to my natural state. I am at present 16 weeks into my journey...Transitioning is proving to be a challenge I am excited to except...I find headbands and rod sets are my best friends...I am getting mixed reviews about my choice to be happy and nappy...the strongest opposition strangely enough came from my family...They pointed out that it may appear unprofessional and keep me from getting promoted and from getting into certain social circles...I understand there concern but look at the benefits...Healthier lifestyle...Good example for my child...Saves money (no more salons) just to name a few...

The choice to be natural made sense to me...something just clicked...I am sure it won't be easy...people aren't always kind even to my older lady asked my child if her mother forgot to finish combing her hair...(mean, right?!!!) I would love to hear from anyone out there that may have resources or advice to make my transition smoother...I've fallen in love with this blog she has a bevy of info and resources to draw from...check her the meanwhile I'll be learning to be happy and nappy.....

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  1. This was a good move! Your hair is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats again on the journey!